Michael Calkins

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My goal is to create the experience in business that you have always dreamed of by giving you tools you can use to automate growth in your business so when you're at home, you're at peace.

Winning the Dean's List Finalist award.

Systematized Progress

Coming from investing in stock, robotics, and owning businesses ever since I was 14, my entire life I have been searching for a way of making the process of building a successful more automatic and organized so I could go on vacation without worrying about my customer's experience degrading.

Cutting Edge Web Technology

When I discovered the power of web development, and specifically what Google Chrome is doing for the internet, I saw the potential and I fell in love with it. We use the most advanced web technologies to create a cutting edge and unique experience you will not find anywhere else.

Giving a presentation at a Google AngularJS meetup.

Team CloudDueling :)

Your Business Is A Creative Process

This entire time Traci and I have been building CloudDueling we have been searching for a way of automating every piece of their clinic:

  • Process a new patient
  • Cleaning the clinic at the end of the day
  • Reactivating patients who have fallen out of care

I'm proud to say that we have built a platform that allows anyone to build a business that creates a passive income for them both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Battle Tested

My desk is in the back of our live lab clinic. As we develop an idea, we are able to deploy it almost immediately and test it in a real clinic with staff, thousands of patients, and multiple doctors.

Our commitment is to bring you the very best of what we are living and learning and to build an environment for yourself that is both freeing in your lifestyle and financially prosperous.

My desk in the back of The Balanced Spine.